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4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale.

Home StagingWhen it comes time to make the big move and sell your home it can be a little intimidating! You’re ready to detach and move on to bigger and better things, but in order to do so most sellers need to get their current home sold … quick! Sometimes prepping your home for showings, open houses and lots and lots of walk-throughs can seem daunting. However, these 4 simple tips will make the process simple and are guaranteed to get your home showing ready and in turn, sale ready!

Clutter – We all know that the longer you have lived in a home, the more you tend to collect. All those little knick-knacks, grand-children’s artwork on the fridge, memorabilia from your favorite sports team, they all have a special place in your heart. However, buyers that enter your home need to be able to envision their family there, their artwork, their furniture and their future. When a home holds a ton of personal items or bulky furniture, it can really tend to make a home seem smaller and cloud the buyers’ vision of what it could look like as THEIR home. So, it is time to de-clutter! Pack up those personal items and prepare them for their move to your new home. Put excess furniture in storage. Clean out those overflowing closets. Keeping things simple and clutter free allows potential buyers to imagine their lives there!

Warmth – Have you ever walked into a home and immediately caught the scent of a delicious smelling fall candle, heard a crackling fireplace, saw an inviting couch and just wanted to sit down and cozy up there? That is the feeling you want buyers to get when they walk into your home. Try to warm things up a little in your home by placing air fresheners that have a fruit-full scent around the home, light a candle or 2 before showings and make the beds in your home. Even just laying a nice throw over the arm of your couch can really warm up a space and make potential buyers want to stay as long as they can….maybe even MOVE IN!

Neutrals – If you have the time and budget, freshen up your home with some neutral colors, it will be well worth it. You may LOVE LOVE LOVE a hot pink bathroom, but a potential buyer may have a completely different style. Try to envision a model home in a new development. The walls tend to be neutral, light colors that are inviting to all kinds of styles. Create a model like feel by simply repainting those special colors with a light, bright, neutral color. It will truly open up your home and appeal to the entire buyers’ market.

Sound – Part of the science behind a home that shows well is really reaching all of the potential buyers’ senses. Simply turning on some nice jazz, or soft background music on your TVs will give the buyers a relaxing experience. Have a water feature? Even better! Turn it on right before your guests arrive. Believe it or not, sound can make all of the difference.

A combination of these 4 small tips is guaranteed to make your home show like a model home. A home that shows well sells quickly and at a higher price! 1 last bonus tip for all of your sellers out there, as much as you want to stay during the showings and tell potential buyers all about the home you love so dearly, leave the showings up to your agent. Buyers tend to spend less time in a home when the seller is present because they do not want to intrude. Leaving the home and allowing your agent to lead the way increases the likelihood of potential buyers making an offer. So once you’ve prepped your home for sale, sit back, relax and be ready to review offers! Good Luck!

Author: Lindsay Brookshire-Darnelle, Realtor

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