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Find out how I can help you market your home using my Exclusive Top Dollar Marketing Plan …

Top Dollar MarketingI am one of the few agents that have developed my own unique marketing plan, the EXCLUSIVE Top Dollar Marketing Plan. My marketing plan integrates traditional marketing with Internet marketing then implements the plan in a strategic and methodical way. My plan also demographically targets potential buyers, then seeks out those buyers through traditional and “new media” approaches. My EXCLUSIVE Top Dollar Marketing Plan is designed to sell your home at the highest price in the least amount of time.

Marketing Online…
The Internet has made possible entirely new methods of real estate promotions and sales. Property listings can be placed online and accessed by Realtors and prospective buyers from all over the world. Nowadays, more than 78% of home buyers begin their search over the Internet. This is a great place to start, however, we still need to integrate traditional marketing to make sure we maximize the opportunities to sell your property. My EXCLUSIVE Top Dollar Marketing Plan does just that, and it has a proven track record of success.

Here are a few of the main components of my EXCLUSIVE Top Dollar Marketing Plan…

(a) Pricing – the first thing we do is complete a thorough and complete pricing analysis, so we know the price range your property should sell in. Proper pricing is critical to a successful sale. We also develop a pricing strategy for your property, to maximize the opportunities for success. Then we complete regular and scheduled pricing reviews, as well as strategy reviews.

(b) Presentation – the next component of our plan includes presentation of the property. In this phase we complete a thorough analysis of the home, the condition of the home, the features of the property and staging design. There are many more components to this phase, but the main focus is to present the property in a manner that will best represent the property to a potential buyer.

(c) Promotion – this is a multi-phase component of the plan. The first phase is development of the Buyer Profile or demographic; who is the most likely buyer for this property and where do we find them? The second phase includes Media Creation; which takes many development tasks such as photography, copyrighting, headline development, virtual tours, ad creation and more. The final phase of promotion is Implementation. This phase is structured, scheduled and includes putting all the media to work. We try to make sure that every possible potential buyer will see your property at the right time. My EXCLUSIVE Top Dollar Marketing Plan includes over 50 implementation steps that integrate traditional media and the Internet. A few of these items include the MLS listing, a property specific website, Email blast to over 22,000 California real estate agents, posting to over 30 online sites as well as direct target mailings and more.

(d) Review and Reporting – The final component includes regular and detailed review and reporting of the pricing, media and implementation.

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