Looking Past the Curtains

woman's face through curtainsWhether you are a first time home buyer, moving up into a larger home, or purchasing a home for investment, we all have a tendency to judge a home quickly based on cosmetics. I mean, after all you aren’t just buying something small here, this is a HUGE investment, it should be perfect!

You walk into a home that your agent has picked, hoping that it will live up to the dream home that you had envisioned but are soon turned off by the terrible green paint on the walls, the white kitchen cabinets and the horrible bright pink curtains in the living room.   I like to call this “The Curtain Effect.”

We often hear buyers’ remarks about how great the floor plan of this house is, but they just can’t stand the color of the kitchen, the curtains are ugly, or that the cabinets aren’t stained a beautiful dark color like you dreamed of. True, a home can be very off-putting when it doesn’t fit your style or live up to the standards of what you pictured your dream home looking like.

HOWEVER (I write this in all caps because this is a big BUT), what happens when you look past those ugly curtains? Would your view of the house as a whole change if we took down those ugly pink curtains, replaced them with beautiful new finishings, changed the color of the paint and put in your dream kitchen cabinets? I am willing to bet that it would change your opinion drastically.

This can be done! Things like carpet, paint, the color of the kitchen cabinets, the window fixtures, the ugly furniture, can ALL be changed quickly and at an affordable cost. Take a few minutes to type in “DIY Home Improvement” on Pinterest and you will find countless blogs, how-to videos and ideas about how you can quickly and easily change anything in your home.

So, the best advice I can give you when you are searching for your dream home is to LOOK PAST THE CURTAINS! Look for a home that fits 90% of what you want and then you can change the other 10% affordably and quickly.

Here’s what we recommend that you seriously look for when searching for the right home:

  • Floor plan (does the layout of the house flow for you)
  • Structure (is it well maintained? Is the foundation and construction of the home structurally sound?)
  • Lot size (does the outdoor space fit your size wants/needs)
  • Costly fixes (leaks that have not been fixed, HVAC systems)

You do not need to do it all yourself either! Although a lot of you may be handy, some of you just may not have the time to make the necessary changes for your home to be “move-in-ready,” so, hire a professional. There are a lot of fantastic remodeling services out there and even more great trade professionals that are ready to assist you in making your new home your dream home. Ask your agent to recommend someone great to assist you in this process!

When searching for your dream home, keep this in mind…your PERFECT home is non-existent, find a home that fits 90% of your ideals and then MAKE IT YOUR PERFECT HOME. It is time to go home shopping with your real estate professional!

Here are some before and after DIY projects I have done in my own home

back-door-makeover ceiling-fan-makeover

Here are a few before and after photos from one of my favorite blogs, the Remodelaholic

You can see each of the tutorials for the below pictures by clicking on the picture itself or visiting www.remodelaholic.com

remodelaholic-kitchen remodelaholic-stairs

Written By: Lindsay Brookshire – Realtor, The Property Place

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