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Ronald Brookshire, SFR – Broker/President

I feel strongly that you need to know the history, background and knowledge of the person you entrust your real estate transactions to. Since real estate involves all aspects of business; financial analysis, marketing, finance, administration, management and law, it is important that you choose a qualified advisor that you feel personally comfortable with.  I am applying for that job, I want to be your qualified Real Estate Advisor. 
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As part of my application I have included a brief resume for you to review. I want you to have a clear understanding of my professional knowledge and accomplishments. Then, when we meet in person we will get to know each other on a more personal level. Once we begin to work together, we will be able to enhance your life and your wealth with a new home, a second home or investment properties. I plan to earn your business and help you build your future; I will work diligently to be your real estate advisor for life.
A Brief Resume
Ronald Brookshire has over 20 years of successful real estate and business experience with a wide range of accomplishments over a variety of industries. His education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Finance, as well as continuing education in business finance, management, marketing and real estate. His practical experience has extreme depth and includes many major accomplishments that positively impact his real estate and business knowledge; here are just a few of the highlights:
  • 5 Successful company startups.
  • A two company merger and integration.
  • Presentation, negotiation and closing of private company sale to a private party.
  • Presentation, negotiation and closing of a private company sale to a Publicly Traded, Fortune 500 Company.
  • Multiple product and technology licensing deals including the presentation, negotiation and sale of a major technology licensing agreement with a Publicly Traded Company.
  • Accomplished five US Patents.
  • Consulting on multiple reclaimed brown field site re-development projects.
  • Consulting on multiple renewable energy development projects.
    International business deals for environmental equipment and services in Asia, South America, and the Middle East.
  • Secured over 40 Million Dollars in multiple company financing packages including inventory flooring, leases, asset based financing, corporate credit lines, accounts receivable financing, real estate financing, new construction financing, and SBA financing.
  • Over 50 (and continually growing) successful real estate transactions including development projects, residential, commercial and industrial property sales.

Why Real Estate?
Throughout my life I keep going back to real estate because I love it. Selling mortgages and real estate is where I started right out of college, over 20 years ago. Throughout my career I have found that I can have the most positive impact on my clients by focusing on “wealth building” through real estate. Combining my business and real estate knowledge to focus on wealth building, allows me to utilize state-of-the-art marketing, business structure, finance and tax strategies to help my clients reach their goals. Whether it is by investing in a home, in business real estate, or income producing properties, I firmly believe that to maximize your wealth, real estate needs to be in your portfolio.

Here are three real examples from my clients:

  1. A business client used the equity that he had amassed in his home to expand his business, just before the real estate market started the downturn. His business is now more successful and he is diversifying his income by investing in income producing real estate. He truly stabilized his wealth and was able to take advantage of both the high and low ends of the real estate market.
  2. A business owner teamed with an investor to develop a new commercial facility, in a prime location for his business. The business owner is a 50% owner in the real estate project. Now, as he pays rent (which would have been a lost expense), he is building wealth through appreciation of the property and through the personal tax advantages of real estate ownership. As an added bonus, he now has the best possible location for his business.
  3. A highly paid engineer had amassed significant wealth in his 401k, stocks and bonds; he had never invested in real estate with the exception of his home. He realized that the one real estate investment he had made returned substantially more than his other investments. He also realized that the real estate investment was much less volatile than his stocks and bonds, even with the market downturn. He has gone on to purchase two investment properties that both return positive cash flow, while they appreciate. He is reaping the rewards of proper ownership structure and personal tax savings; he is now truly maximizing his wealth.

These real examples of success include real estate investment strategies that I can help you employ. My real estate and business experience has provided me a unique wealth of knowledge that I honestly love to share. Whether you are buying your first home, moving up, want business real estate, or need to structure a real estate investment strategy or deal, I have the “experience you can bank on”.

Lets get started building your wealth through San Diego Real Estate today!

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